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Lincoln First Realty was formed in November of 2007 and is a NP Dodge Company. Lincoln First Realty is a full service professional real estate company that offers an array of services ranging from the representation of sellers and buyers in a real estate transaction as well as pricing opinions and marketing strategies that will assist our clients in making the right decisions.  The company mission statement stresses the simple premise that the customer comes first and that our actions as professional realtors should always reflect that philosophy.

Why Consider Lincoln First Realty:

  • Lincoln First Realty is a locally owned NP Dodge Company.
  • An experienced management and administrative team that is dedicated to the agent’s success.
  • A culture that fosters team work and cooperation.
  • No company fee’s to pay.
  • An aggressive compensation plan that rewards productivity at a high level.
  • A great environment where new licensee’s can learn faster and accelerate their production capabilities.
  • A company of high standards and expectations for all of their associates.
  • We’re an agent centered company with a compensation plan, policies & procedures that reward production and excellence and don’t stifle it.

Frequently Asked Questions about a Career in Real Estate Sales

What attributes does one need to be successful in real estate sales?

Keeping in mind that as a licensed real estate agent you’re an independent contractor, the attributes needed to be successful all center around having the skill set to run your own business.  Such things as having a great work ethic, being disciplined in getting things done, attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and having definitive written goals are good examples of attributes that matter when analyzing if you have what it takes to be successful in real estate sales.

What are some of the advantages of a career in real estate sales?

Controlling your own destiny and having no limit placed on the amount of income you can make is appealing to an awful lot of people.  In addition, having a flexible work schedule can allow you to tend to other responsibilities without damaging your income earning potential.  Above all, many people find being financially rewarded for what they actually achieve is the best incentive one could ask for.

 What is the process to become licensed?

The first step to becoming a licensed real estate agent is to enroll for the required real estate classes that can be taken on line, or in a classroom setting, at various schools that specialize in real estate education. You must successfully complete 60 hours of mandatory classes required by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission before sitting for the exam. After successfully passing the exam your license can then be sent to the real estate broker that you have made arrangements to be affiliated with.

What are the costs associated with becoming licensed?

You will incur various costs associated with taking the required preparatory classes, the application for taking the license exam, license transfer & issuance, membership to the Lincoln Board of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.  In addition, you will have miscellaneous costs typical of getting started in any self-employed business.  All told you should budget approximately $1,500 in personal expense in order to become fully operational in the real estate business. Lincoln First Realty assists all new licensees with scholarships to help reduce the cost of acquiring a real estate license.

What should you consider in choosing a company to work for?

Dependent on what your personal goals are should dictate the type of company you want to affiliate with.  If you’re career oriented and intend to do whatever necessary to be successful, then you should look for a company that will support your efforts and accelerate your learning process.  A smaller company, such as Lincoln First Realty, can offer the attention, training, and supervision that new licensees need in order to make rapid progress.  While an aggressive and fair compensation plan is important it probably is not the number one reason to affiliate with a particular company.  In the early going of your career, support and training are critical factors that will determine the level of success you will ultimately experience.

How important is a comprehensive training program to your success?

Knowledge is the variable that gives the new licensee the confidence to compete for business against those that have much more experience in the business, so it can’t be overstated how important it is to be thoroughly trained on the many aspects of real estate sales.  A comprehensive training program should not only cover contracts, agreements, disclosures, and MLS rules & policies, but salesmanship tactics as well.  Make sure you ask detailed questions about the training program that is offered by each company you interview with and pay attention to the scope of training that is offered to make sure that you will receive the comprehensive training that you deserve.

How much income potential is there in the first few years?

The first year in the business is typically a slow growth period because you’re immersed in training and building your network of key contacts and centers of influence. For some the transition can be rapid depending on the network of contacts they already have established and the level of confidence they have in converting what they have learned into an action plan.  Incomes during your first year of licensure are normally modest, but it is in the second year of licensure that your hard work, networking, and training will accelerate your income earning potential.

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